High-end Skincare vs. Dupe Skincare

written by Trishani Pillay, April 22, 2020 Everyone loves those high-end skincare products that you see almost every international blogger and makeup artist use on every social platform and you may find it difficult to get your hands on them because, it’s either out of your budget or it takes forever to arrive in South Africa or more importantly have no market for it in … Continue reading High-end Skincare vs. Dupe Skincare

High-end vs. Drugstore Beauty Edition

by Trishani Pillay, May 02, 2020 A high-end beauty product may be expensive but, that does not mean it will outshine a drugstore product. And, after a few months of testing high-end and drugstore beauty products here is a list of the best drugstore beauty brands that will not cost you to break your piggy bank.  PRIMERS:  High-end: Milk Hydro Hydro Grip Primer  R 300.76 … Continue reading High-end vs. Drugstore Beauty Edition

Him: “Send me nudes”, Me: “Which palette?”

by Trishani Pillay, March 26, 2020 Rather late with joining the beauty crew but as they say better late than never. So, here it is my review on the newest and most affordable beauty brand, Scarlet Hill, brought to you by Mrp Group. Mrp Group does the most with the latest fashion trends at the most affordable prices and now they have brought to us … Continue reading Him: “Send me nudes”, Me: “Which palette?”

Indian Burrito – Mumbai Recipe 1

Written by Trishani Pillay, 19/02/2020 Here’s to the first food blog post of 2020, and too many more. For a person who is always eating out and love food in general I have been slacking but, in 2020 I promise there will be changes. People like consistency. And, here I am trying to be consistent with my blog posts and my food recipes. With that … Continue reading Indian Burrito – Mumbai Recipe 1

Slaying For Days

by Trishani Pillay    21/12/2019   Hi friends I am back with another blog post for the festive season and it’s all about my Black Friday purchase from a local South African brand, Swiitch Beauty. During Swiitch Week (the last week of November) I purchased the OG Slays For Days palette. A palette I’ve wanted for the longest time. It originally retails for R350,00 but … Continue reading Slaying For Days